Our Mission : Promote the Values of Bitcoin and its Digital Currency Cousins, DASH and Litecoin, in our neighborhoods. 


Because the Banks Won’t Do It. Bitcoin doesn’t require or need Banks. Its Person to Person, it’s Bank FREE.

Bitcoin Freedom

Bitcoin Is Bank Freedom


By Supporting Stores, Restaurants, Dentists, Doctors, and All Our Community Businesses with Our Spendable Digital Cash.

Trade Is a Two Way Street and Both Parties Need to Be Ready, Willing and Enabled. We Make Enabling Businesses to Accept Bitcoin Easy.


In our own backyards, our Club asks Merchants to make the effort for Bitcoin acceptance, Together we can Affect Change. Change for the Better.

Spending Bitcoin Locally

Finally for Who?

Everyone, Digital Currencies promote Freedoms & Liberty for All

and the What of Our Story:

Bitcoiners, We Are All Johnny Appleseeds,

Do your part … Spend Some, HODL some, Buy Some More, even better Accept Payment in Crypto


Support the Mission, our QR BTC Wallet Code is below, and Thank You