Merchant Wallets for Bitcoin


Our Bitcoin Merchant Acceptance Service includes 1 software Wallet for collecting and holding your Bitcoins.

Additional software Wallets are $49 featuring the Best Ones for the most popular Coins.

We will Install Them, Set Them Up with You, Test Each and Train You and/or Your Team in their use.

We will also make sure they are Backed Up and Fully Recoverable to Keep your Coins Safe.

Call Us 603-930-3100 for Questions and to Make an Appointment


Your Software Wallets Are Where You Hold Bitcoin and The 3 Other Most Popular Coins. We Make Them Easy to Install and Use on your Phones, Tablets or Computers.

Some Wallets are Designed to Allow You to Hold Your Bitcoin for Quick, Easy Access and Use. Other Wallets are Designed for Offline Longer Term Storage.

We have been using Bitcoin for years. Our Experts recommend the Best Wallets for your use and the Best to Safeguard Your Hard Earned Savings.

Our Service is for the Installation, Setup and Training for Your Initial Bitcoin Wallet, Additional Wallets Are Only $49.

Our Service Is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back.



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